Echo is a quality Australian publisher of books for adults. Our interests and fascinations include resilience, the effects of time, Australian landscapes, the dark underbelly of human societies, and the beauty that gives us a reason to celebrate. We publish narrative nonfiction, true crime, photographic and fiction titles.

Echo was built on the strong foundations of Five Mile’s adult list, founded in 1991. In 2015, it was given its own identity and a mission to expand its horizons, which included launching a crime fiction list featuring debut Australian and international authors.

Echo Publishing’s logo captures the essence of our mission: the lyrebird, an animal known for its infamous ability to mimic and share calls, is the ‘storyteller’ in Aboriginal mythology.

Like its sister company Five Mile, which publishes children’s books and sells and distributes Echo titles, Echo is part of Bonnier Publishing Australia which is part of Bonnier Publishing, a UK headquartered English Language publishing group which is ultimately owned by international media group, Bonnier AB.

Echo operates as an agile, people-orientated independent Australian publisher while enjoying the support of a global network.

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