Jessica Tavassoli

Jessica Tavassoli is a final year medical student with a passion for facilitating public conversations, values based education and mental health. She has been drawing and writing (mostly in private) for the past few years with Eyes Too Dry being her first major work.

As an educator, Jessica co-ordinated the Hands on Health and IMMUNITY programs at Monash University as well as working as a youth leader in both urban and remote settings. She is a big believer in the power of experiential group learning as a platform for self discovery and growth.

Jessica is also an advocate for radical compassion and the dismantling of hierarchies in the medical world. She wonders how the practice of modern medicine may change if the body and mind where not perceived as distinct. It is likely that Jessica will explore this in her next comic.

Jessica also has a background in eastern philosophy, bread and shoe-making. She tries to meditate daily but doesn’t always get there.