We accept submissions for:

True crime, memoirs, biographies, essays or collections on a theme, Australian social and military history, Australiana, sport, photographic books, graphic novels / memoirs, and fiction.

With fiction, we are looking for compelling stories in a range of genres, with a preference for works in commercial genres such as crime, romance, personal growth, historical, and new adult.

Do your homework

Before submitting a manuscript or proposal to Echo Publishing, please do some research. Familiarise yourself with the genres we publish and if there are existing titles that have something in common with your book, it’s helpful to mention them as a point of reference.

If your submission doesn’t fit any of these categories but you’re familiar with the style of books we publish and think your project might interest us anyway, you can always email with a query and we’ll let you know promptly if we think otherwise.

Preparing your manuscript for submission

All submissions should be double-spaced, in a readable 12-point font, with numbered pages. It is also important to ensure that your name and address are on the manuscript itself, as well as in your proposal/synopsis.

What to submit

Include with your manuscript:

  • a brief covering letter (no more than a page), including the date and full contact details (author’s name, postal address, phone and email). If you are likely to be moving house or travelling in the next few months, it is a good idea to include a forwarding address
  • a synopsis of the project, including the total word count a table of contents (if relevant)
  • a brief biographical note on the author (about 150 words)
  • a 300-word outline of the book’s projected readership, and any special factors that need to be taken into account (competing works, relevance to educational courses and so on)
  • up to three sample chapters, no more than 10,000 words
  • if you are submitting a photographic book, some printed or PDF samples should accompany the submission. Please don’t just direct us to a website, but do include your website address or a link as part of your submission.

What should I send?

Submissions can be emailed with attachments via our Contact Us page.

Or posted to:
The Editorial Coordinator
Echo Publishing
Level 6, 534 Church St
Richmond, Victoria 3121

What happens next?

If your initial submission looks promising, we will be in touch to follow up and may request more chapters to read, or more samples.

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to give specific feedback on your manuscript or suggest ways in which it might be improved. We are also unable to respond to queries by telephone, so please don’t call to check on the progress of your submission.

We cannot return posted submissions.

We are OK with you making multiple submissions to publishers rather than waiting for our response, but please let us know in your cover letter if this is your intention. We endeavour to respond within three months of receipt of submissions but this is dependent on the number awaiting review at any given time.