Australian Illustrated History Collection

AK Macdougall
October 2014

RRP: A$49.95
ISBN: 9781760065331
Format: Paperback

A fine book – there are a couple of great books – on our war history. This is one of them. – GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA, CHANNEL 10

Book overview

The Illustrated History of Australia:

Before Les Carlyon and Peter FitzSimons were household names, AK Macdougall wrote the definitive illustrated history of Australia. Here it is revised and updated for a new generation. As Mark Twain observed about Australian history, ‘It does not read like history, but like the most beautiful lies … full of surprises and adventures and incongruities and incredibilities; but they are all true; they all happened.’

Australians at War:

Richly illustrated, with photographs from the nation’s archives, AK Macdougall’s highly praised narrative history of Australia’s experience of war has never been out of print since its first publication in 1991. Now expanded to include the early conflicts as well as the modern-day campaigns, this handsome new edition captures the entirety of Australia’s extraordinary fighting history.