Australians at Home: World War I

Michael McKernan
September 2014

RRP: A$34.95
ISBN: 9781760063689
Format: Hardback

Thirty-odd years on, this remains the single best book on the experience of Australians in the Great War. – PROFESSOR PETER STANLEY, UNIVERSITY OF NSW

Book overview

The battlefield bravery of the Australian soldier in the First World War is legendary. Australians at Home: World War I tells of the experiences of Australian men, women and children away from the fighting front, and of how they coped during the long war years. It is the story of those who stayed at home, of city and country, schools and churches, of German-Australians, and of Australian soldiers in Britain.

This is a story of fear, frustration, anxiety and hope. It is as much a part of the Great War as all of the accounts of the old soldiers.