Australians at Home: World War II

Michael McKernan
September 2014

RRP: A$34.95
ISBN: 9781760063696
Format: Hardback

McKernan is that rare creature, equally experienced and credible as an academic, historian, public historian, and popular and applied historian. – PROFESSOR JEFFREY GREY, AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE ACADEMY

Book overview

This is the story of the men, women and children at home during the Second World War, and of their response to the extraordinary demands made on them by the circumstances of war. It evokes wartime Australia – the good and the bad. We see the people coping stoically and with their usual humour with incalculable hardship; we see generosity and self-sacrifice. We also see complacency, ignorance selfishness. And amid universal rejoicing at the defeat of Japan, the first use of frightening atomic weaponry passes almost unnoticed.