Every Move You Make

Chilling True Stories of Stalkers and Their Victims

Victoria Heywood
September 2015

RRP: A$32.95
ISBN: 9781760063658
Format: Paperback

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From secret online followers to jealous ex-lovers and obsessed admirers, stalkers take on many forms, as these disturbing cases show … – THAT’S LIFE, NZ

Book overview

From secretive online followers to jealous ex-lovers and obsessed admirers through to random strangers and crazed criminals, this unnerving book will provide an insight into the minds of stalkers, and reveal how their sinister actions affect their victims.

Victims and stalkers tell their stories – both in person and through court records, with a special section on royal stalkers and celebrity stalkers through the ages. More than one hundred real life case studies from around the world highlight the sometimes deadly, but always distressing, consequences.