High Country Cattlemen

Celebrating the Families and Traditions of Australia’s Alpine Region

Melanie Faith Dove
September 2015

RRP: A$39.95
ISBN: 9781760063719
Format: Hardback

… photographer Melanie Faith Dove captures glorious images of legendary high country [cattlemen] … – THE AGE

Book overview

Dating back to the 1830s, the mountain cattlemen heritage is one of the oldest forms of agriculture in Victoria and New South Wales. In this stunning large format hardback book, photographer Melanie Faith Dove takes a contemporary look at the families proudly carrying on their long-held bush traditions, and training the next generation to become the custodians of the land.

The sublime photographs in High Country Cattlemen document the proud yet threatened tradition of the mountain cattlemen who, as environmental legislation strips the families of their long-held summer grazing leases in the alpine regions, are on the brink of extinction. In NSW the cowboy heritage is now nothing more than legend, and in Victoria and Tasmania just a few remaining families desperately hold on to their leases in subalpine state forests on the periphery of national parks or privately owned pockets of land.