It’s a Long Way

The Photography of Philip Morris: From Acca-Dacca to Zappa, 1969–1979

Philip Morris
November 2015

RRP: A$49.95
ISBN: 9781760067410
Format: Hardback

Peerless Australian Photographer Philip Morris boasts one of the most extensive personal archives of rock music images in the country. – THERAWGALLERY.COM

Book overview

The images in It’s a Long Way: From Acca-Dacca to Zappa capture what many believe to be the Golden Age of Australian music, the years from 1969 to 1979.

As chief photographer for music magazine Go-Set, Philip Morris was in the best possible position to photograph the many stars of the day, including such local heroes as AC/DC, Billy Thorpe, the Angels and Johnny O’Keefe, along with international visitors like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Wings and T-Rex. And Philip was able to document these legendary performers from close range, with the type of all-areas access that is unheard of today.

It’s a Long Way: From Acca-Dacca to Zappa is a remarkable document of an era in music and popular culture that we’re never likely to witness again.