Lethal Lovers

Horrifying True Australian Crimes of Passion

Victoria Heywood
March 2014

RRP: A$32.95
ISBN: 9781743469736
Format: Paperback

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Heywood catalogues some of Australia’s most chilling crime cases. – TRUECRIMEREADER.COM

Book overview

Your lover is the one person who should have your back, right? But as the Australian crime stats show, you’re still more likely to be stabbed there by someone close to you than by any random stranger on the street.

In Lethal Lovers, you’ll find many chilling true-life stories of what can happen when love goes wrong – from the mad scientist who chopped his wife into eighty pieces and flushed her down the loo, to the teenage Romeo with the murderous case of unrequited passion. Some of these crimes were driven by betrayal, jealousy, greed, revenge or sheer insanity. Some stemmed from spur-of-the-moment rages. Others were carefully planned, cold-hearted acts of violence. All show that sometimes a loved one can be the most lethal of all …