Lure of the Thylacine

True Stories and Legendary Tales of the Tasmanian Tiger

Col Bailey
May 2016

RRP: A$32.95
ISBN: 9781760400880
Format: Paperback


Just as ancient myths enact fundamental psychological conflicts, so too does this grab-bag of yarns and legends about the Tasmanian Tiger provide clues to why we emotionally fixate on certain species over others.  – CANBERRA TIMES

Book overview

Speculation by an ever-growing band of Tasmanian tiger devotees that the thylacine still exists has not wavered, despite the dogmatic stance by the scientific fraternity that the animal is extinct.

This collection of actual accounts and anecdotal yarns originated from discussions the author had with an old Tasmanian tiger trapper, Reg Trigg, who in the early days of the twentieth century established a mutual friendship with Lucy, a tiger he rescued from a trap.

Covering a century and a half during which this animal’s status has changed from being a despised sheep killer to a magnificent survivor, these enthralling stories are for both the curious and the enthusiast.