Men and Their Sheds

Craig Wetjen
August 2016

RRP: A$45
ISBN: 9781760403034
Format: Hardback

The men’s health movement has exploded on to the Australian landscape and Men’s Sheds are a major contributor to that awakening. A place to gather, to share stories, to work on projects, support each other, making a great contribution to the mental well-being of those who attend. This publication of Men and Their Sheds by Craig Wetjen celebrates some of these sheds and people. – JEFF KENNETT

Book overview

Intricate and illuminating, the photographs in this book showcase the very private relationship between a man and his shed – a place to shelter not just from the rain but also from the ups and downs of daily life. The shed is as much a mental release as it is a physical one.

Photographer Craig Wetjen travelled thousands of kilometres to find his subjects and discovered that as well as being places for tinkering and repurposing, and occasionally housing priceless vintage car or pinball machine collections, some of the sheds are museum pieces in their own right.