Momo Freaks Out

Wanderlust on the Web and Finding a Way Home

Samone Bos
March 2017

RRP: A$29.99
ISBN: 9781760405700
Format: Paperback

Honest, lively and very funny – I loved every sordid minute of it! – ANDY GRIFFITHS

Book overview

A long time ago, way before Facebook and Instagram, and when no one had even considered Snapchat, there were blogs. One day, bored at work, Momo, a typical twenty-something, discovered this curious new underworld of secret diaries. Soon she’s living her life online, baring her soul and relationships, equal parts funny and pitiful.

With blogged stories and anecdotes spanning a freakishly well-remembered childhood and her then-present, Momo’s blog life opens doors, eventually taking her from being a young book editor in Melbourne to an English teacher in Tokyo, navigating earthquakes from under a table.

Momo Freaks Out represents a time, a subculture and a whole lot of silly hijinks in a decade that seems both very recent and distant.