Old Sheds

Rustic Gems from the Australian Countryside

Noel Butcher
August 2014

RRP: A$24.95
ISBN: 9781760063795
Format: Hardback

The images in this book show both the sheds and the landscape and above all the history of farming in Australia. – BLUE’S COUNTRY MAGAZINE

Book overview

Collected over more than a decade by a photographer driven by a secret passion, the sheds in this book are a reminder of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our farmers of yesteryear.

Most are unique in their design and all show signs of age as they slowly decay and return to the earth. Some of these sheds no longer exist, living on only through photography.

This is a book for the lover of photography, architecture, the Australian heritage, and old sheds.

Celebrating the talent and the passions of some of Australia’s finest photographers, The Australian Photographic Gallery explores the Australian landscape in all of its dimensions: natural, cultural and social.