The Real Mary Kelly

Jack the Ripper’s Fifth Victim and the Identity of the Man That Killed Her

Wynne Weston-Davies
April 2016

RRP: A$32.95
ISBN: 9781905825387
Format: Paperback

Book overview

Many researchers have tried over the decades to discover Mary Jane Kelly’s true identity. She was the final and most brutally murdered victim of Jack the Ripper, but almost nothing is known about her family or her earlier life.

In this thrilling book, Mary’s great-nephew Wynne Weston-Davies, who is an author and surgeon, explores the inscrutable circumstances behind the Ripper’s fifth and final victim and how the elusive life of Mary Jane Kelly is wholly intertwined with the mystery of her legendary killer.

With echoes of The Suspicions of Mr Whicher and Sherlock Holmes in his pomp, The Real Mary Kelly is not only a classic ‘whodunit’, but an engrossing and utterly original ‘whoisit?’