What, and Give Up Showbiz?

Rusty Berther
January 2014

RRP: A$29.95
ISBN: 9781743466964
Format: Paperback

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Rusty’s stories are like his songs, beautifully crafted and laugh-out-loud funny. – ADAM HILLS

Book overview

In showbiz there has always been an unspoken law that ‘whatever happens on the road stays on the road’ – until now.

From bikies, bucks’ nights and hecklers to scalpings, stabbings and overdoses, join the cream of comedy talent – Adam Hills, Wil Anderson, Lano and Woodley, Dave Hughes, Glenn Robbins, Julia Morris, Russell Gilbert, Dave O’Neil, Josh Thomas and many, many more as they share tales of laughter and disaster from their pursuit of ‘living the dream’.

Because nobody wants to hear about the best gig you’ve ever done.