A Pure Drop

The Life and Legacy of Jeff Buckley

Jeff Apter
May 2017

RRP: A$32.99
ISBN: 9781760404031
Format: Trade paperback

Jeff Apter’s lively and engaging narrative elevates this biography from a book of facts to a sophisticated portrait of a complex man and talented musician. – LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE

Book overview

Who was the real Jeff Buckley? Was Jeff, as he described himself, ‘rootless trailer trash’, a ‘male chanteuse’ or, as Bono famously stated, ‘a pure drop in an ocean of noise’? The voice of ‘Hallelujah’, the man who completed just one album, the masterpiece Grace, Jeff Buckley was a restless spirit, a musical chameleon – and a troubled soul, haunted by the spirit of his father, the legendary Tim Buckley. Like the father he barely knew, Jeff died way too young, aged just 30, in 1997, drowning in Memphis. Widely regarded as the definitive study of Jeff Buckley, A Pure Drop has been fully revised and updated and features a new gallery of images from Merri Cyr, Jeff’s official photographer.