Bear, Lion or Wolf

How Understanding Your Sleep-type Could Change Your Life

Olivia Arezzolo
1 February 2022

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ISBN: 9781760686987
Format: Trade Paperback

Are you a bear, lion or wolf? Discover the secret to a great night’s sleep.

Book overview

Discover your sleep chronotype (bear, lion or wolf) and understand your body clock morning, noon and night with sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo.

Bear: rise with the sun and wind down in the evening, plus useless immediately after lunch.

Lion: early risers, furiously work in the morning, tailing off after midday and in bed just as the wolves are coming out to play.

Wolf: get up late and more energetic at night.

Understanding individual differences in activity and alertness in the morning and evening means we can understand sleep habits and patterns – and ultimately get a better night’s sleep. Based upon clinical research, sleep expert Olivia will teach you how to live a happier and more productive life using her measured, sensible and helpful tips.

Find out which animal chronotype you are, take in Olivia’s effective advice, and try out the 28-day plan to not just improve sleep but reduce stress and boost productivity.