Eyes Too Dry

A Graphic Memoir About Heavy Feelings

RRP: A$24.99
ISBN: 9781760680039
Format: Paperback

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“This is such a beautiful, beautiful book. Deeply thoughtful, deeply impressive. A real work of heart.” – Clare Bowditch (musician, ABC radio presenter)

Book overview

Meet Tava, a twenty-four-year-old medical student in a deep depression. Alice, her friend and housemate, is trying to figure out how to support her. Time unravels, leaving both women bewildered at the emotional landscapes that have opened before them.

Eyes Too Dry started out as a series of private conversations between the authors by way of a comic-in-correspondence. Their decision to make this work public was fuelled by their struggle to find stories and artwork that spoke to their experiences of encountering depression, suicidal ideation and emotional weight. In a world that tells us to “keep calm and carry on” they are offering a narrative that is vulnerable, honest and uncertain. They hope to add new ways to talk about, visualise and relate to these complex emotions.