Find Your Light

Learning to Accept and Embrace Yourself

Olivia Molly Rogers
30 November 2021

RRP: A$34.99
ISBN: 9781760686642
Format: Paperback

When Olivia Molly Rogers was crowned Miss Universe Australia, she knew exactly what she wanted to shine a light on: her struggles with disordered eating and anxiety.

Book overview

While many of her Instagram followers are eager for her fashion, art and insanely cute dog content, the heart of Olivia’s audience is there for her refreshingly honest voice on body positivity and mental health.

In Find Your Light, Olivia reveals more of her story – from growing up as a shy child using food as comfort, to the pressures of modelling life, to finally finding the confidence, courage and self-belief to compete on the world stage. Olivia also shares the helpful mantras, tips and tools she’s used to heal, have a healthy relationship with food and embrace her body. 

This is a book for anyone who wants to practise self-love, feel more confident inside and out, and overcome the challenges that can hold us all back from finding our light.

‘Candid, generous and heartfelt’ – Michelle Andrews & Zara McDonald, creators of the podcast Shameless