The Die is Cast

Jenny Rogneby
August 2015

RRP: A$29.99
ISBN: 9781760067557
Format: Paperback

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If you’re lucky enough to get a chance to read this book … stick with it. This is an unusual approach to the psychological crime thriller, from a style of crime fiction that concentrates on ‘why’, rather than who or how or gotcha. – AUSTCRIME.COM

Book overview

A naked and bloody seven-year-old girl walks into a bank, clutching a grubby teddy bear, She plays a threatening recording, demanding money. No one dares intervene.

The child leaves the bank and disappears, without leaving a trace of evidence.

This daring robbery is trusted to highly regarded investigator Leona Lindberg of Stockholm’s Violent Crimes Division. But why is Leona ignoring witness statements, and calling in suspects on the barest thread of suspicion? When a second robbery takes place, how does she manage to be the first one at the scene?

Leona: The Die is Cast is a gripping crime thriller, featuring an unusual heroine who holds on to reality by the skin of her teeth. In life, as in poker, Leona is unwilling to fold, despite so much being at stake.