Mother Country

Reflections of Australian Rural Life

Helga Leunig
April 2015

RRP: A$24.95
ISBN: 9781760065843
Format: Hardback

Rustic simplicity, modesty and quietness … the transcience of existence and an appreciation of the attrition that comes with time and use … Leunig’s images are permeated with this understanding. – MEANJIN

Book overview

In 1996, Helga Leunig moved to a farm in north-east Victoria in order to raise a family, leaving her career as a professional photographer behind her, or so she thought. Here she made a vegetable patch. Made do. Lived with the beauty, simplicity and peace of country life, as well as with drought and bushfire. Out of this period of her life came these exquisitely beautiful photographs capturing family, nature and community, every image redolent with feeling.

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