A Lost Australian Brought to Vivid Life

Peter Eve
October 2014

RRP: A$24.95
ISBN: 9781760063825
Format: Hardback

They wait, in silence, their finest features visible once more, picked out by the photographer’s eye. There is a beauty in their decay and slow disappearance, and a beauty in their reclamation as well. – NICHOLAS ROTHWELL

Book overview

In many parts of rural Australia it’s the halls and churches and chambers and temples, buildings, sheds and lean-tos that provide the clues to what came before. In this collection, Peter Eve has breathed life back into some of these buildings, almost rendering them as new, by playing with the image contrast, hypersaturating colours, and delineating shapes and edges with white outlines.

Celebrating the talent and the passions of some of Australia’s finest photographers, The Australian Photographic Gallery explores the Australian landscape in all of its dimensions: natural, cultural and social.