Shine Like It Does

The Life of Michael Hutchence

Toby Creswell
1 November 2017

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ISBN: 9781760407360
Format: Trade paperback

Book overview

The real story of a complex man whose star is still shining two decades after his death.

Michael Hutchence was a superstar, an internationally respected musician and a great bloke. There will never be another one to replace him. Born into an eccentric and difficult marriage, Hutchence grew up in different countries before settling into suburban Sydney. He made friends with Andrew Farriss who provided a surrogate family. Andrew’s musicality and Michael’s charisma was from the start till the end, the basis of INXS.

For five years INXS were single-minded in their pursuit of being the biggest band in the world. When that was achieved Michael felt the need to move away from a strictly pop life and he pushed himself into more challenging areas. This brought him into conflict with the band.

There was also the complication of being a sex god. Michael led a very hedonistic life, and while promiscuous, Michael had a very real fear of separation and a great fear of causing hurt.

Shine Like It Does is the story of Michael Hutchence, the artist, the person who took his work seriously and wanted to make great music.