A Harry Kvist Thriller

Martin Holmén
6 May 2019

RRP: A$29.99
ISBN: 9781760685980
Format: Paperback

Book overview

Stockholm swelters in an unrelenting heatwave, tensions between fascists and communists
simmer past boiling point, and the city feels like a pressure cooker.
Harry Kvist wants out.

Before he can leave, his old friend and former lover Reverend Gabrielsson is brutally
murdered. Kvist notes the police are more interested in fuelling anti-Semitic rhetoric than
catching the killer, so he decides to take on one last case.

During the investigation the former boxer stumbles on a Nazi terrorist plot, uncovers police
corruption, and is caught up in a brewing turf war between two of Stockholm’s worst gangs.
With his back firmly up against the ropes, can Kvist turn this fight around, or will he finally
tap out?