The Great Divide

A city detective hunts a killer through a fog of lies in small town Tasmania.

L.J.M. Owen
4 November 2019

RRP: A$29.99
ISBN: 9781760685829
Format: Paperback

‘Chilling, masterful… Works it’s way into your bones and lingers long after the book is closed’ – Sulari Gentill

‘Australian rural crime at its most atmospheric… The Great Divide is compulsive reading’ – B&P

Book overview

Twisted Secrets. Hidden Victims. Monstrous Crimes.

In the rural Tasmanian town of Dunton, the body of a former headmistress of a children’s home is discovered, revealing a tortured life and death.

Detective Jake Hunter, newly arrived, searches for her killer among past residents of the home. He unearths pain, secrets and broken adults. Pushing aside memories of his own treacherous past, Jake focuses all his energy on the investigation. Why are some of the children untraceable? What caused such damage among the survivors?

The identity of her murderer seems hidden from Jake by Dunton’s fog of prejudice and lies, until he is forced to confront not only the town’s history but his own nature…