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Images of a Vanishing Suburbia

Warren Kirk
October 2017

RRP: A$19.99
ISBN: 9781760680237
Format: Paperback

The cumulative effect of Warren Kirk’s photos is a slowed-down mood, respectful, drily comic, almost other-worldly. I have always suspected and hoped that such an element might still exist, somewhere in the city I’ve lived in for most of my life, but until now I had no idea where these secret places were, or how I could go looking for them. To contemplate them through the Westographer’s eye is to be drawn into a strangely calming, deeply benevolent parallel universe. – HELEN GARNER

Book overview

In Westography, renowned photographer Warren Kirk gains exclusive access to the homes and businesses of the last of a generation, re-visiting his subjects many times, capturing once-bustling industrial areas and the old inhabitants of back-street suburbia, along with garages, barber shops, fish and chip shops, milk bars, front gardens, sheds and everything in between.

Warren has developed an impressive body of work documenting fading Australian suburbs and businesses. When he arrived in the area, the topography was rapidly changing; houses were being knocked down to make way for McMansions. People started selling their backyards and a younger generation of renovators began moving in. He was sad to see the area change and began to document the old West before it disappeared.

Westography is a compelling visual diary of an almost-gone Australia.